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Message from Director

Director Message

The academic structure of SPMIT exhibits the diversity, comprehensiveness, and depth befitting an institution of its age and stature.

The programmes and courses offered at the institute have the flexibility to evolve and change in response to new requirements. They serve the dual purpose of building a solid foundation of knowledge and of enhancing confidence, creativity and innovation in its students.

One unique attribute of our institution is its environment. A favorable student -teacher relationship isquite productive, and personal one to one approach assists in all round growth of student at academic & research level. Our faculty carries a determined desire to propel every student towards real model based studying using world class methodologies like Pearson Smart Class Rooms. They provoke students to rekindle their theory in real design that can benefit the society in rural & urban development. To create an ambience of academic excellence we support learning from vivid ends- Renowned Professors, Industry Experts & even Noble Laureates. We dream to be the source to evolve new ideas & innovate technology. We own world class Labs, Workshops, Library & Computer Centre with fast flying processors to wing every imagination of pupil.

At last we own a proud tradition & reputation of Excellence in Engineering Education and we continue the same with one zeal in our heart that “Knowledge is our Extreme Goal”.

Dr. Ruchi Shukla

Director, (SPMIT)